Are You a Phone Addict?

I’ll admit it, I’m a little too dependent on my iPhone. It’s either in my hand, my back pocket, or on the desk beside my bed whilst I sleep. But when I don’t have it near me, I’m probably frantically turning the house upside down looking for it. I can guarantee that you all relate.

Particularly in younger adults and teenagers, phone usage has received a lot of media coverage due to worries over the amount of time we are spending on our mobile phones, which is completely understandable; there are 11 year olds out there with the new iPhone 7…

Here are the signs of phone addiction:

– Persistent failed attempts to decrease the time you spend on your phone.
– Your job or a relationship has been up at risk due to your phone usage.
– You feel restless, tense, and irritable when you are unable to use your phone.
– You rely on your phone to get through the day.
– Tension headaches
– Eye pain/blurred vision
– “Text neck” a pain in your neck from looking down at your phone too much.
– It disturbs you sleep.
– A sense of time “flying” when you are using your phone.

These are only a few examples of mobile addiction. But if you are suffering with more than half of these, maybe it’s time to switch your phone off, and try a day out without it!