5 Beauty YouTubers You Need to Know About

Helen Anderson – Based in Norwich, Helen has an impressive 550,000 subscribers and some really awesome hair. She focuses on a unique, alternative style that is very her. Not only are her videos incredibly creative and different, her personality really makes her lovable as well as being completely down-to-earth. Oh, did I mention she has a pug and dachshund named Barney and Lola?

Wild Daze – This girl is awesome! She’s certainly not afraid to be herself and her style totally rocks! With 130,000 subscribers, she’s taking YouTube by storm with her very out there look. Her videos consist of tutorials, veganism, travel, and life advice of all kinds! Check her out!

Sarah Hawkinson – Sarah is a lover of beauty, metal, horror, and the human mind. She’s quirky, funny, and her style is awesome. With 300,000 subscribers, her videos consist of tutorials, How To videos, and advice videos relating to her studies in psychology. She has a really cute cat, too.

Manny Mua – YouTube personality who runs a beauty and make up channel with over 1.7 million subscribers! He posts mainly tutorials, reviews, and some hilarious personal stories (including one where he crapped himself in public). He’s funny, sassy, and full of charisma. You gotta go check him out!

 Sonjdradeluxe – This lady appears to be able to rock any style she pleases. With 700,000 subscribers, she posts mostly tutorials on every style of make up you can think of; and every single one is amazing. Her skills are guarantee to make you jealous!