Sometimes, we all need a little pampering. Maybe an hour or two on a sunbed, or a nice massage. But is it really worth the price? Being professionally pampered doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important that we know what beauty treatments are really worth it!

Enzyme Facial – A highly effective facial peel that leaves your skin amazingly soft and even. It’s basically a very deep cleanse that really opens up your pores and removes dead skin cells. It does wonders for your skin and just leaves it looking so fresh and healthy! A professional enzyme peel can be anywhere between £45 and £60! Totally worth it though!

CalGel – One for your nails! It’s basically a special gel based nail varnish that is dried under a UV lamp. It’s completely smudge and chip proof and dries immediately! Mine typically last 3-4 weeks! They cost around £25 to £30… £40 if you want extensions to make your nails longer!

Eyelash Extensions – Pretty obvious, it’s a treatment that gives you very noticeably longer lashes! It’s amazing how much of an impact long lashes can have on your appearance! A full set can cost you a hefty £50 and only last 4 weeks, but it’s so worth it especially if you have some special occasions coming up!

Sunbeds – Just half an hour on one of these things during the winter months can leave you, not just with a beautiful, soft tan, but feeling refreshed and relaxed! Yes, they have an impact physically, but they also make you feel great! Trust me, I’m an expert as these things. An hour session will cost you around £25 to £30.

Hot Stone Massage – Basically a massage treatment that uses hot stones on aching muscles to ease pain and promote deep relaxation. You come out feeling fresh, and incredibly chill. Don’t knock it till you try it! A full body massage of this kind will cost you around £45.