History often seems to repeat itself, especially in the world of fashion! It’s strange looking back at old photographs from the 90s and seeing fashion items that have reappeared in modern day society and are still effing cool! Let’s take a look at some of the 90s fashion trends that made a comeback!

Crazy Hair Colours – Okay, people have always been dying their hair! But the 90s was iconic for it! And it seems it seems the trend is bigger now than ever!

Choker Necklaces – We really didn’t see this one coming! This was a huge 90s trend but in the last couple years we’ve seen choker necklaces come back stronger than ever especially for teenagers and young adults.

Whacky Eyeshadow – It seems vibrant colours and the art of makeup has really been embraced over the last few years! We haven’t seen colours like this since the 90s!

Acid Wash – Acid wash jeans, also known as Mom jeans, have come back stronger than ever over the last three years, and I’m pretty damn happy about that, do you know how comfy those things were?!

Dungarees – If you were born in the 90s I can guarantee you were a dungarees baby! And now, around 15 years later, here we are again! And I am not complaining.

Plaid Shirts – Seem to have a bit of theme, don’t we? Grunge has certainly made it’s way back to the top. If only Kurt was here to witness it.

Doc Martens – Although they’ve always been popular, your typical, grungey, airware boots have us feeling nostalgic, right now!