Getting that Homely Vibe

Don’t get me wrong, being a student and living away from home is great for the first couple of months. However, after all of the obligatory nights out and hosting all of them pre drinks that you promised yourself you wasn’t going to, you find yourself sitting in your empty house/flat with the lurking smell of stale vodka and morning breath and wishing you was back at home. Don’t worry though, because I’m about to tell you a few CHEAP things to purchase that are absolute game changers and you’ll be sitting in your lounge or room feeling like you’re at home in no time. Because that’s how it should be.

WAX MELTS– There is nothing more comforting than the smell of home. You know that distinctive smell that reminds you of your childhood or a good memory? You can’t beat it. Find a smell that you like and just burn it when you’re chilling at home. It sounds expensive but not atall. You can literally get a pack of wax melts from £1.00 at Tesco. Wax burners are only about £5-6.00 aswell. It makes such a massive difference when you walk into your place and it smells familiar. They’re great over Christmas too, because you can get season themed ones and it brings up the good vibes

CANDLES- Candles do smell good as well but I feel like they just create a really comfortable and calm atmosphere. Again, they are so cheap and when you’re having that takeaway and movie night, the flickering of the candles will make you feel at ease.

CUSHIONS- Sitting on a empty sofa is a bit dull. It can make a room look empty and unappealing and when you sit down, there’s not that reassurance of something to lean on. Have a little look about in somewhere like primark and get yourself some fresh cushions so your lounge is slaying.

FAIRY/TWIG LIGHTS- They’re just cute and can make the place feel so much more cosy. I find that fairy lights work best in the bedroom and along window seals. And for those of you who have no idea what twig lights are, they’re just pretty decorated twigs with lights attached. I think they’re wicked and if you put them in a vase in the hallway, it makes the place feel more welcoming and warm.

PICTURES- Photographs in frames bring a personal touch and so do pictures and paintings on the wall. Pictures and paintings aren’t actually as expensive as you think. You can go to somewhere like B and M and buy a decent picture to go on the wall for less than your taxi home on a night out.

RUGS- The feel of a soft rug under your feet in the lounge or your room is so much nicer than an old carpet or wood that, let’s be honest, probably won’t get taken that much care of. You can get brand new rugs that start from about £30 or second hand ones from charity shops and online. If you have house mates that you share the lounge with and you all get along, you could all chip in to get one and then it would cost practically nothing. Plus, having a rug looks nice and it won’t matter if you spill stuff on it because you can just throw it out at the end of the year and avoid any damage costs to the carpet. Win win.

CALENDAR AND NOTES ON THE FRIDGE- Having this will make your place feel more like your own. You and your housemates could leave notes to each other and make it a nice place to leave in the morning and go back to at night. More importantly, it will help you remember when the dreaded assignments are due!

FOOD IN THE FRIDGE– I know that when you’re a student, it is difficult to constantly go food shopping but making sure that there a few things in the fridge will make you feel more at home and comfortable. Imagine if you skipped 2 nights out, that would be enough to do a big shop at a cheap supermarket!

CLEANING PRODUCTS- I think that sometimes when you’re a student, it’s easy to forget to get basic things like bleach and anti bac spray- so when something gets spilled etc, it never gets cleaned up properly and it leads to stickiness and bad smells. You can get those bits from the pound shop and you’ll be thankful that you did after your next night out!

WHAT I CALL, BITS AND BOBS- These are just the little ornaments and extra things that dress up the house and make a good, healthy environment. You can go into B and M and buy things like: miniature water fountains, candle and stone sets, statues, chandeliers and accessories for less than £10 each.

These might only seem like little things, but it’s these kind of changes that will make your accommodation somewhere to be proud of and to call home.

By Starr Sawyer