Moving Out: The Basics

Maybe it’s time for you to leave the nest and venture out into the world all by yourself. It sounds terrifying doesn’t it? Paying bills, washing your own clothes, buying your own food.. But let’s start simple and think about the things you need:

A bed – And I don’t mean a mattress on the floor; it will get moldy! Invest in a good, sturdy bed that will last you a few years at least!

Laundry basket – When you realise you have somewhere to put all your dirty clothes before washing them, you’ll thank me! You don’t want them all over the floor, do you?

Storage – You’re gonna need wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets to store all your belongings e.g. clothing, toiletries, and everything else!

A nightstand – Preferably with a lamp on it so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights. And a little draw to put your phone and what not.

Television stand – We know you won’t forget a television, but you might forget to put it on something. Televisions are no safe on the floor… Obviously.

Sofa – Unless you’re in a studio flat or are happy sitting on your bed, you might want somewhere else to sit.

Desk and chair – A lot of us have computer and laptops, it will be nice to have somewhere to separate your work from your living area.

Basic kitchen appliances – Kettle, microwave, toaster, these are all things you often forget. It’s good to have just the basics when you first move. Because we all need a cup of tea in the morning.