How To Be More Organised

Sometimes, you just can’t to keep your life in check; some of us were simply not born to be organised. You wonder how your mum does it! Although we can’t change who you are as a person, we can give you a few tips to try and help you out…

1. WRITE THINGS DOWN – Keep a notebook and pen on your desk, or somewhere you will see it everyday. Jot down all the little things you need to remember/do just to keep refreshing your memory everytime you see it. Or even note things down as reminders in your phone because, let’s face it, your phone never leaves your hand, does it?

2. MAKE A HOME FOR EVERYTHING – If you keep everything in the same place, you can’t lose it, right? Life will be much smoother when you know the whereabouts of all your possessions.

3. STOP PROCRASTINATING – Putting off that assignment isn’t going to help get it down, is it? That television series you’ve been binge watching for 3 days straight is pretty important, but not as important as other things. Like feels a lot easier when you get the boring stuff out of the way first.

4. DECLUTTER – Everything in your life will seem more difficult if you’re surrounded by a mountain of rubbish and stuff you don’t need. Just keep the things you need. Even getting rid of old stationary you no longer use! Again, less clutter makes the important things easier to find.

5. SCHEDULING – Not much fun, but neither is being late or forgetting important appointments and deadlines! Make a schedule or planner for your week/month ahead and stick it somewhere you’ll always see it! Make an additional one to carry around with you in your bag.