10 Student Discounts You Should Know About

There is a glorious moment, just before you begin your first full week as a fresher, when you look into your bank account to see your first student loan instalment has been processed. At that point, the world feels like your oyster and everything about student life seems wonderful. Now fresher’s week has now well-and-truly passed, you’ve been left with vastly diminished monitory funds, nothing but Pot Noodles to eat for a month and a hangover that just won’t go away.

One perk to student life, which you may not have done much exploration into yet, is the student discount. So here are a few pointers where you can fully utilise your student status and save yourself some much needed cash.

1. Cinema.

Present your student card at any every major cinema when purchasing your tickets and you will get a discount.ODEON are currently offering 25% off between Mondays and Thursdays if you have an NUS Extra card.

2. Eating Out.

Restaurants like Pizza Express, Chiquito’s and Bella Italia also offer discounts to students, just check with the waiter/waitress before you are seated.

3. Train Travel.

You can get 25% off your National Express ticket purchases when you show your NUS Extra card.


Hungry House offer a 20% discount if you register and order online with an email address ending in “ac.uk” or “sch.uk”.

5. New Threads.

Retail outlets like Top Shop, Matalan and Republic, usually offer 10% discounts to customers with an NUS Card.


Spotify Premium is available to student music lovers at a discount price, if they register their NUS card details when setting up an account.

7. Eyewear.

NUS Extra cards can get you 20% off at Vision Express and a 25% discount at Boots Opticians and Specsavers.

8. Haircare.

Toni and Guy offer NUS card holders 20% off their hair appointments and Nicky Clarke Hairdressing offer a whopping 40% discount.

9. Books and Uni Supplies.

If you have an NUS Extra card, you can get 5% off your Amazon orders.

10.Keeping Fit.

Pure Gym offer student card holders 25% off their monthly membership fee. You can also get 10% off any orders with My Protein.

Most shops do offer some kind of student discount, so make sure you have your NUS Card with you at all time and don’t be afraid to ask!

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