Trick or treating; that one night of the year we’re allowed to pretend being someone else and also the only night it’s acceptable to scare the living daylight out of complete strangers and not get arrested for it. Unfortunately, It seems somewhat frowned upon to go trick or treating if you’re no longer a child (growing up sucks). But we can still have fun and turn the tables… Here’s how to freak out trick or treaters:

1. Have someone in your household dress up as a scarecrow that basically looks like a scarecrow made of pillows and straw. Have them sit outside the house looking like a regular, non living scarecrow and then jump up and scare the trick or treaters as they approach the house!

2. Have someone dress in a dark cloak with a creepy mask on, make them hide in the garden and when the trick or treaters are busy taking sweets, have them walk up quietly behind them. As they turn to leave they’ll scream like hell when they see a big, cloak covered figure standing right behind them…

3. Pretend no one is home and use a large cardboard box or a cheap table with a cloth over it to put a bowl of sweets on. Cut a hole (big enough to fit a hand) through the bottom of the bowl straight through the table/cardboard. Have someone lay under the table/in the box hidden and when kids come to take some sweets, you can shove your hand up through the bowl and scare the hell out of them! Brilliant!

4. This one is evil. Cook up some spouts and then dip them in melted chocolate and let them cool. Pass them off as sweets and then feed them to unsuspecting trick or treaters! Play it safe and ask if anyone has any allergies before giving them.

5. If you have a window close to your front door, invest in a cheap ghoul looking thing with a cape and tie it to a piece of string/rope long enough to reach into your window. As kids approach, let go off the rope and watch the ghoul swing down into the trick or treaters!