We’ve compiled an ultimate list of the superfoods you should be eating to take that much needed shortcut to success, making for the perfect mind, body and attitude in your daily routine.

Shocking right? Who’d have thought these sweet little blue bubbles of fruit could be a vital aspect in generating a healthy diet and lifestyle? Well, they are and you should definitely be trying to add more of these to your routine because they not only boost communication between your brain cells, but they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants too, making for an overall greater immune system. How can we forget, they taste fabulous as well.

Sweet Potatoes
Very quickly are sweet potatoes becoming a super trendy food, and the next time you sit down to scoff on a baked or roasted version of the alternative to its carb fuelled cousin, think of the nutrients you’re eating. The sweet potato has over a whopping 450% of your daily dosage of Vitamin A making for healthier skin and hair, and as well as that, they are versatile too! You can make just about anything out of these, the same as a white potato and what’s more, it has double the health benefits.

Greek Yogart
Creamy, delicious and a perfect accompaniment for any meal, Greek yogurt is a great ingredient for sweet or savoury. Top it on some of those super blueberries, or bake it in a sweet potato for fully loaded skins, the silk delight just oozes deliciousness and not only that, health benefits too. It has double the protein of normal yogurt and tastes just as great.

You’d be a nutter not to start eating more of these, as walnuts have been proven to boost memory and co-ordination through their inclusion of a high omega-3 fat. Just several whole nuts a day and you could be on your way to having better memory than an iPhone, as it’s certified that eating that amount reaches double your daily dose. Top on salads and throw in a naughty cake, they are a must have in your daily diet.

Silky like butter, this green delight has so many hidden gems; you wouldn’t even begin to imagine how good it is for you. From lowering cholesterol and relieving stress, to containing natural fats that’ll satisfy your cravings for ages, the avocado is the most underrated ingredient around. Often found in guacamole and other cultured dishes, this superfood is also amazing straight from the skin with a spoon.

This pink and beautiful fish is a superlative fillet that’ll keep your heart ticking over for as long as you eat it, because salmon contains your daily recommended omega-3 in just 85 grams! Not only that, but this slippery number has been known to fuel the brain full of energy, making for those early morning lectures to be a doddle after all. Perfect baked, fried or steamed, get some more of this into your gut!

Often referred to as the healthiest food on the planet, eggs are a fantastic, versatile food source that are jammed full of greatness. With 6 grams of protein and only 72 calories per egg, these gifts of the hen are a perfect companion if you’re looking to bulk at the gym or just shed some pounds in general. Eat them daily for breakfast and body fat will drop rapidly, as fundamental experiments have proven that they burn through body fat to