It’s international gin and tonic day! Let’s talk about some funky, creative gin and tonic recipes so you can take full advantage of this wonderful day of the year!

1. Strawberry and Black Pepper GT – Sounds weird, right? Wrong! The spicy-ness of the pepper is complimented by the delicate, sweet taste of strawberry. All you need to do is pour a small amount (or a big amount, we’re not here to judge) into your glass some sliced strawberries. Fill the glass with ice and grind a little bit of black pepper and then pour in your tonic water. Stir, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

2. Basil and Grape Fruit GT – Pour in your acquired amount of gin with a few basil leaves and three slices of pretty pink grapefruit. Fill with ice and then your tonic water. Make it look extra pretty by garnishing with a wedge of grapefruit!

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3. Ginger and Blackberry GT – Pour your acquired amount of gin into your glass along with four blackberries and couple slices of ginger. Fill with ice and your tonic water before garnishing with a slice of ginger and a blackberry!

4. Cucumber GT – Add some mint, cucumber, and gin to a shaker and go crazy. Pour the mixture into your glass over ice before adding your tonic water! Don’t forget to garnish with a slice of cucumber.