The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! Probably because milk chocolate tastes so much better… But it doesn’t have the same nutritional value and health benefits of the dark delight. So, maybe it’s time to put your hatred for the healthier option aside and embrace the fact it’s still chocolate and actually good for you!

Nutritional Value – Did you know, dark chocolate is an excellent source for fibre, iron, and magnesium? It also has smaller amounts of caffeine which means you can enjoy a piece before bed and not worry about having a bad night’s sleep! Obviously, consuming it in moderation is advised, it still has sugar in it!

Antioxidant – It’s loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants! In fact, it contains more antioxidants than blueberries and a├žai berries!

Blood – It has been rumoured to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow! We say rumoured, because it hasn’t officially been proven… But let’s pretend it has just so we can consume more and feel less guilty. It can also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease!

Skin – The bioactive compounds found in dark chocolate can be great for your skin and possibly protect your skin from sun damage,