Keeping track of your health, eye and dental care while away at University

Having graduated in July I have come back home to have a year out from Education and earn in a job for a year. This might be something a lot of students chose not to do but I did as I felt my head, so mental state, needed it. So within this year off I thought “right, I’ll get my eyes and teeth checked up on properly now it has been 3 years” well.. what a shock I got.

My eyes have gotten just a little more worse after not having them tested for 3 years almost, requiring me to have new lenses (I did get new frames too which are extremely pretty but this is besides the point) which I think I expected but the biggest shock, for me, has been my teeth. I have known for at least 9 months now that something has been wrong with my lower gum as I’ve ever so slightly had bleeding gums since about February of this year requiring me today to have to go and have my gums and teeth sorted in the dentist, something I really have been dreading and not wanting to get done due to the pain. But, with uni stress, actual life stress, graduation stress and what I’m doing after graduation stress being the things at the fore front of my mind these things for me have taken a little bit of a back seat?

But, when I think about it, in reality I should have gotten these things seen to sooner! When you first start in uni and you’re a fresher the uni themselves give you names of places where students can go and sign up for their GP, dentist and eye testing so during your 3 years this doesn’t go to the side line! However, usually being as organised as I am I thought “whenever I go home for holidays I will get myself booked in and sorted, I need too” but the only place I signed up to was a GP for my 3 years as I have a really rubbish immune system during winter and I knew I couldn’t afford my physical health to go to waste when trying to run back and forth to uni. But, I really should have taken the uni’s advise and signed up in 1st year.

So if you can while away living at uni, especially if you are a fresher this year. please sign up and make sure every aspect of your body health, I.e eyes and teeth too, are completely covered. Don’t let it go to the side lines due to uni stress like I did. Thankfully my teeth will be absolutely fine after what I had done today but, you might not be so lucky. So at the freshers fairs, take everything on board and get yourself signed up! It really IS worth it.