Plants That Can Cure Insomnia

Who needs pills when you have nature on your side, right?

Lavender – Lavender, for many years, has been known to reduce anxiety and stress. It has calming properties hence why it is used in many beauty products and oils. Keeping a plant in your room will reduce your heart rate and keep you calm and relaxed when falling asleep.

Snake Plant – At night, this plant releases more oxygen than in the day! The oxygen boost in your room can improve the air quality resulting in a more peaceful sleep. It’s also been known to prevent headaches.

Aloe Vera – Like the snake plant, aloe vera is another plant that produces more oxygen at night which helps interrupted sleep patterns!

Jasmine – Jasmine is a plant from the olive family that emits scents that have been known to improve sleep but also alertness.

English Ivy – This plant which is native to Europe and Western Asia has proven to reduce airborne mould in your room which results in less lung irritation and allergies.