Simple But Cute Date Ideas

If you’re with someone whom you truly adore, then you don’t really care what you do together as long as, well, you’re together. But sometimes, it’s just nice to go out or do something a little different. It makes you really appreciate the company of your significant other.

Arcade Night: All you need are those loose pennies you’ve been hording. Go down the arcades for the night and win yourself some silly prizes together. Finish the night off with an ice cream!

TV Marathons: Grab some wine, order a Chinese takeaway, and binge watch your favourite shows together. It’s surprising how close you feel to eachother on these simple kind of dates.

Amusement Park: A much more thrilling date! Also a great first date because you will associate the adrenaline and excitement with that person.

Cocktail Bar: If you both love your drink but haven’t had the chance to get exotic before, then this would be perfect for you! Trying new things together will always bring you closer.

Concert: Go check out your favourite live music together! Then grab a hotel afterwards if you had to travel for it.

Day at the Spa: Maybe you’re feeling a little tense? The spa is a great way to unwind and relax together!

Bed & Breakfast: Getting away for a night and then having a cooked breakfast in the morning will make you really appreciate their company.

Zoos/Museum: Although the price of entry can be hefty, it’s great to get out for an entire day together and just appreciate your surroundings, eachother, and to learn more!

Adventure: If you’re looking for something really different and a little whacky, why not try sky diving? Or a helicopter ride? Or something random like horseback riding?

Energetic: What about paint balling? Or swimming or kayaking? Good way to have fun together and keep active!