They say eyes are the mirror of the soul. A person’s eyes can express more than their words ever can and they can tell you an awful lot about a person, but what does eye colour say about a person?

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Brown/Hazel – The most common eye colour in the world! People with brown eyes are said to be attractive and very confident due to richness of the colour brown. They are also adventurous, caring, and independent. They often put others’ feelings before their own and their ability to love is very powerful.

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Blue – This is the most desired eye colour in the world! People with blue eyes are peaceful, youthful, and very kind. They are known to be very energetic and have long lasting relationships. Blue eyed people often go that extra mile to make other people happy and are often extroverts!

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Grey – People with grey eyes were born to be dominant leaders due to their strong analytical skills. They are strong in nature, wise, but are actually very gentle. Despite being dominant, people with grey eyes are the least aggressive and are often very creative and imaginative.

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Green – People with green eyes are very curious and mysterious. They tend to be quite aggressive and strong minded. But love is very important to them as well as friendship. With such an enchanting eye colour, they tend to be very attractive, however, green eyed people are often very jealous…