Things You’ll Understand If You’re a New Driver

Learning to drive is daunting, and not to mention financially draining. But when the day comes that you finally pass that test, it’s indescribable. It’s a wondrous moment of freedom and pride… Until you get behind the wheel of your own car with no instructor sat beside you. Suddenly, you kind of miss them.

Other drivers – You’re suddenly aware of how many drivers can’t remember to use indicators or how close they drive because they are “experienced” and don’t stick to the speed limits. Basically you’re now aware of how much you hate other people.

Attitude – You can’t help but feel a little more superior to your non-driving friends. The power lies with you, now.

Drinking – You don’t really feel like an adult until you go out for a couple drinks and have to say the words, “I can’t drink anymore, I have to drive.” It’s a sad but proud moment. But mostly sad.

Keys – You’re suddenly responsible for a very important pair of keys in your life. You will spend 65% of your days patting your pockets to make sure they are still there.

Fuel – When did getting fuel make you want to cry? It’s like pumping liquefied money directly into your car and you audibly groan when that little fuel light flashes up.

Insurance and Tax – Let’s be honest, you totally forgot about the other costs of running a car when you passed your test. Fuel is one thing, but suddenly remembering you’re going to have to fork out another £100 a month for the first year makes you want to never drive at all.