At some point in our lives, we are going to have to take the bus or underground. There’s really no avoiding it unless you’re lucky to live close enough to everywhere you need to be! Some of us have no option but to take the bus or tube everyday to work, school, or college and we have become all too familiar with the struggles of public transport…

Illness – Being on a full bus makes you wonder when the plague returned. The sounds of people coughing and blowing their noses make you want to shrivel up and retract into the safety of your coat hood which you have up for extra germ protection.

Personal Space – You get to know people rather intimately on a cramped bus or underground carriage; you can’t help but look over their shoulder to see who they’re texting. It’s even worse when you’re standing… You’re suddenly inches away from someone’s face and the feel of their breath on the back of your neck makes you want to jump out the emergency exit.

Noise – Forget listening to your favourite tunes; public transport engines are so loud you can barely here your music through your headphones. And the screaming child isn’t helping the situation.

Time Management – Regardless of where you’re headin’, you’ll probably be at least 20 minutes late. It seems the bus schedules and their timings are a little too optimistic….

Drivers – For reasons unknown, bus drivers seem to be particularly unhappy people. You better have the exact amount of change needed for your journey, or be prepared for some filthy looks through his rear view mirror.