A Smile a Day

A few months back, I decided to set myself a challenge of writing down one thing that made me smile each day for a month. It felt good to realise that there’s always positivity in each day, even if it’s something small. If you struggle with staying upbeat sometimes, give it a go too. Here’s mine:

1. Someone held the door open for me.

2. I drove past an elderly lady who was walking her dog in the sunshine and she looked content.

3. I got into fresh, clean bed sheets and it felt unreal.

4. The sun shining through the trees looked beautiful.

5. My favourite film was on TV.

6. My boyfriend made me a cup of coffee.

7. My dog played with another dog at the park and he loved it.

8. My boyfriend made me laugh.

9. A text from a friend.

10. I had a dominos pizza.

11. A stranger smiled at me.

12. I slept well.

13. I watched a funny video.

14. I remembered a good memory.

15. I got myself out of bed.

16. The man in the shop asked me how I was.

17. I made a decision.

18. My dog was sticking his face out of the passenger window as I was driving along.

19. My boyfriend told me that he loved me (which he does every day. It was extra special to me today though).

20. Fresh air.

21. I didn’t look in the mirror and dislike what I saw today.

22. I had a good chat with my family.

23. My nieces photographs of her first day at school.

24. The sun was out.

25. A good song came on the radio.

26. Grass between my toes.

27. The smell of bbq’s outside.

28. An ice old drink in the heat.
There is always something good in every day. No matter how big or small, you just have to find it.

By Starr Sawyer