Cute Ideas for Mason Jars


Why not make them into storage holders in your bathroom? Attach them to your walls and stick your tooth brushes in them? Or your soap?


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Mini garden for your mini plants? Or maybe a worm farm… If you’re into that sort of thing.


Get organised and use them as your pre-made salad containers! You can store them in your fridge until ready to eat plus they will take up less room!


Candle holders on string! These would look adorable in your garden.

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Store your kitchen condiments and spices in them and label with little pieces of card and string!


Tissue holders for the winter ahead? Will probably come in handy.


Why not turn them into bulbs for your lamp? Giving your lamp a retro, funky look!

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Or simply use them as glasses for some delicious, homemade smoothies or detox drinks!