Wanna upgrade your Halloween party? Check out these funky ideas to make your party one to remember!

Pumpkin Keg – Simply hollow out a good sized pumpkin and attach one of those beer taps at the bottom front on the pumpkin. Would be even cooler if you filled it with a pumpkin related beverage!

Hand in the Punch Bowl – Fill a rubber glove with water, tie it off, and then freeze it! Once frozen, take the glove off and now you have a hand shaped ice cube to stick in your punch bowl!

Pumpkin Ice Bucket – Easy, this one! Hollow out your pumpkin, cut it in half, and fill with ice! Now you have two pumpkin ice buckets to keep your beers cool.

Syringe Shots – Serve your shots in plastic syringes to make people feel a little nauseous!

Eyeball pong – For your game of beer pong, decorate your ping pong balls to look like eyeballs!

Scare Bathroom Guests – If you have an old towel, get some fake blood and put hand prints all over it before hanging it on the rail for guests to dry their hands on!

Eyes in the Dark- Cut scary eye shapes in toilet role tubes and then put a glow stick inside! Hide them out in the garden and they will look like a pair of glowing eyes…

Spider Cubes – Buy a cheap pack of little fake spiders and put them in ice cube trays with water! Spider ice cubes!