We had a chat with Miranda Di Carcaci – a student at the School of Communication Arts in Brixton, to talk about ICE’s brand new women’s safety device…

Can you tell us what the app/device does?

The ICE Disc is palm-sized device that can be attached to a bag or key chain. When clicked it will connect with the ICE app, which will instantly send out an alert to police, 5 selected contacts and other users in the area. From this point forward your location will be tracked for these people, until it’s confirmed you are safe.


Who is the device intended for? Or is it available to everyone?

We believe everyone gets in situations they can’t predict, and so might need back up. That said, there are some who might feel more need for extra security. These include anyone who runs early in the morning, or walks home in the dark. If you are travelling to and from school for the first time, or walking through university campuses unaccompanied. Alternately if you are elderly or differently abled and do not wish to give up your independence, ICE can give you a safety net incase help is needed.


Why did you decide to develop ICE?

We decided to develop ICE as we felt a duty to bring a simple, and cost effective, solution to those who feel unsafe
on the streets.


Where did the idea for the app/device come from?

The vision for ICE was created by the students of The School of Communication Arts in Brixton. Though the area is a lot safer that in used to be, students working late were often faced with walking home in the dark. They came together to find a way to help themselves and others feel safer, a kind of neighborhood watch for the mobile generation.


What sort of impact do you think the device/app will have on the lives of the users? And possibly people around them

Even if the ICE Disc is never needed (as we hope it won’t be!), it can give its users and their loved ones piece of mind. Knowing that you will always be able to send out an alert, or be the first to be contacted if someone you care about is in danger, can provide confidence and security. If the ICE Disc is needed, the users can be assured that help is on its way. We hope that as the numbers of our community grow, ICE will become a deterrent against street violence, making both users and the paths they take safer.


How can we help support with ICE and get involved?

You can become a founder member of ICE by getting a disc on our Indiegogo page via our own website www.ice-security.co.uk . To help our idea flourish we are offering early bird deals, including reduced prices and free lifetime membership to our app. We also offer the opportunity to gift our discs to domestic violence and abuse shelters in the UK.