Must Have Makeup Brushes

Sometimes I can’t believe applying makeup with a fingertips was a thing – it just seems wrong and incredibly unhygienic, and not to mention the poor coverage and smears it would result in! In recent-ish years, makeup brushes of all shapes, sizes, and purpose have been created to help us achieve that flawless look with half the effort!

But which brushes do we really need? Let me tell you…

Foundation Brush
Possibly the most important brush of them all as applying foundation with your fingers doesn’t give you full coverage unless you spend a painfully long time trying to do so. Foundation brushes are large brushes with synthetic bristles as they pick up good amounts of liquid/cream products. Real Techniques Angled Foundation Brush provides full coverage and a smooth finish!

Beauty Blender
I’m not quite sure how I ever survived without a beauty blender! It’s essentially an egged-shaped, soft sponge which you dampen with water and then blend in any foundation/concealer/contour smears and lines for sheer coverage and flawlessness. Again, I would recommend Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Concealer Brush
A slightly smaller brush with flat, synthetic bristles great for covering blemishes and those dark under-eye circles. The MAC’s 195 Concealer Brush is one of the most famous branded concealer brushes.

Blush/Powder Brush
Most blush brushes have natural bristles good for picking up powder. Angled blush brushes enable precise application of blush to the cheek bone area – the E.L.F Angled Brush is one of the most popular blush brushes!

Contour Brush
Contour is unfortunately one of those things that can’t be done without a brush. They usually have pointed tips and have firmer bristles than a blush brush. Charlotte Tilbury’s Powder and Sculpt Brush is a very popular and effective contour brush.

Angled Brow and Liner Brush
These brushes have flat, small synthetic bristles designed specifically for the application of gel liner and brows products. Sigma E75 has stiff bristles and is cut at an angle to make application effortless!

Blending Brush
A blending brush is essentially an eye shadow brush designed to blend out any harsh lines and colours. The MAC 127 is in every makeup artist’s brush kit because it’s simply the best!

Believe me when I say we could be here forever – but most of the brush types above are what I would deem essential. The rest are luxuries but are still wonderful to have!