Top 10 Beauty Trends and Products 2016

2016 has been an incredible year for beauty; contouring took over the world, microblading became a thing, and highlighting is an essential. But that’s not all! Let’s take a look at all our favourite beauty trends from the past year!

We have to talk about it, it’s basically an essential part of our makeup routines. Swab videos get us excited beyond belief, and Jeffree Starr has us drooling over his highlighter products. Who knew having shiny, defined cheekbones was going to be so important in 2016?

Matte lipstick, matte eyeliner, matte foundation, matte this, matte that. Matte has been everything this year. Why? We’re not really sure other than the fact it looks really effing cool.

Bold is Better
This is year has been a great year to really express yourself; anything goes! Wear as much as you want, as colourful as you want, and as sparkly as you want. No one will judge you for it. Crazy, over-the-top false lashes with blue feathers in them? Don’t care! Stick ’em on!

Chubby cheeks? Don’t worry about it, 2016 has provided us with some of the most amazing products to get you that sculptured, vogue look. Damn, where did those cheek bones and jaw line come from? Damn!

Undoubtedly too expensive for most of us to afford, but it hasn’t stopped us from getting excited! Whoever came up with microblading is a genius who didn’t have time everyday morning to draw on their eyebrows. Why get them tattooed and be stuck with the same brows forever when you can get them semi-permanent and natural looking? I vote yes.

Nail Art
Neon, furry, velvet, glowing, the list goes on! Nail art has had a strong presence this year and it seems to know no boundaries! And when did nail extensions get so werewolf-like? I’m not complaining, until I need to use a keyboard…