The Cufflink

The Cufflink: the ultimate accessory for discerning gentlemen. But where did cufflinks come from and what style should you be wearing?

First spotted in the 1600’s cufflinks didn’t really become popular until the end of the 18th century. In the Middle Ages shirt cuffs were held together by ribbons, before they moved onto using buttons. However, as fashion changed and it was popular to have starched collars and cuffs they needed a solution for when they were too stiff to be secured by buttons. The answer? Cufflinks!

In the 1900’s cufflinks were more popular than ever. Gentlemen became interested in fashion and as a practical, yet stylish statement cufflinks could range from the extravagant and decorative to the more practical pairs – all kinds were available!

This traditional way to dress has remained popular and it’s a stylish trend that continues today.

Cufflinks add the finishing touch to your outfit, whilst hinting at your personality. They are, of course, practical and every gentlemen needs a set, but they’re also an accessory that perfectly complete your individual look.

It’s all about the little details and the perfect pair of cufflinks can definitely add a touch of flair to your look! Used as a fashion accessory you can style them however you like. No longer reserved for only formal wear they work with just about any outfit you wish! The classic accessory creates a polished look and a touch of your own individual style.

But what style of cufflinks is for you?

Incorporate your Hobbies: wearing cufflinks that show the world what you really love doing is a great way to include a bit more of your personality in your look. You can get all sorts of quirky cufflinks, from golf clubs to fishing flys, there will definitely be the right pair out there for you.


The Traditional Look: a really classic pair of cufflinks create a sophisticated and polished look. They can be really elegant and perfect for those who favour understated style. Every gentleman should have a pair for when the more formal occasion calls!


A Bit of Fun: Cufflinks that are really fun are ideal for when the dress-code isn’t overly formal. An eccentric pair of cufflinks definitely injects a bit of personality! Think bright and bold –bright red guitars create a really unique style!


The Stylish Look: if you’re a gentleman that likes to make a stylish statement then a pair of cufflinks from a fashionable brand are the perfect choice. Many high-end luxury fashion brands have their own cufflinks and if you love fashion you’ll definitely know Gucci! Engraved with the world-renowned name they add just a touch of luxury and style.


On the hunt for a pair of cufflinks?

Laings of Glasgow have an extensive collection of really handsome cufflinks. With brands such as Gucci and Deakin and Francis their wonderful selection has offerings from the very best of the cufflink world. With timeless and classic style and the more quirky sets and novelty buys, you’re bound to find a pair to suit any personality – plus they make the perfect gift!

What cufflinks will you be wearing?