Whether you’re moving to university for the first, second or third time, you’ll want to put your stamp on your new room. If you’d like to add some personality to your space and ensure that it looks great, you could try out a popular interior design trend that is particularly easy to replicate. Here are four of the best that we think you’ll love.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is an eclectic style of interior design, which mixes antique-looking pieces with pastel colours, lace, and feminine florals. It’s relatively simple to achieve and difficult to get wrong, which means it’s a great option if you’re new to decorating your own room.

Visit local thrift and charity shops in search of lightly worn linens and lace, old-fashioned ornaments and small pieces of furniture that you can upcycle. Nothing should match too well, so make your bed with floral sheets and pile an assortment of complementary patterned cushions on top.


This is a particularly easy trend to follow, as it simply entails sticking to a simple colour palette of white, black and grey. While this might sound potentially restrictive or boring, that doesn’t have to be the case. It can actually have a whole lot of personality and look incredibly sophisticated, for example with black poster frames against a white backdrop.

Matt Deighton, the Managing Director of Sofas by Saxon, says: “Sticking with a monochrome colour palette gives you the chance to experiment with bold patterns and contrasting textures. Whether it’s with a striking dogtooth cushion, industrial metallic accessories, or a sheepskin rug, you can easily express your individual style within the confines of a monochrome scheme.”


Minimalism is all about stripping things back to their bare bones and focusing on functionality rather than embellishment, which means that decorating your bedroom in this way doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Plus, a study published by Princeton Neuroscience Institute found that the more clutter you see, the more easily distracted you’ll be, which means that this style may even help you to concentrate on your studies.

Start by decluttering your room or, better yet, pack lightly when you first move to your new student home. Then, choose a simple colour palette of up to four colours and stick to it when choosing any decorative elements like your bed sheets or rug. This will create a calm and relaxing space for you to return to every day.


If you’re used to living by the sea or love spending days at the beach, you could even opt for a nautical theme. Deep blues, soft beiges and stone greys should make up your colour palette and, of course, there should be no shortage of stripes.

You can use sea shells and starfish, as well as ornate boats, anchors and nautical paints, to add extra character and interest. Then, for additional storage you could go all out and use a distressed wooden ‘treasure chest’, or pick out some simplistic wicker baskets.

A student room might only be yours for a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Choose the style of interior design that suits you best and get decorating — you’ll be able to transform your room into your personal haven in no time.