How To Gain Career Experience Through University!

If you’re in your final year of university, chances are you might be starting to think about what you want to do once you’ve graduated! We know how much of a life changing decision you have to make at the end of your course, and the age-old question many graduates are faced with by recruiters is “how much experience do you have?”. If, like many others, you’re struggling to understand how you can accrue experience at the same time as working hard to finish your degree with a good qualification, then look no further.

Graduate roles are some of the most competitive out there, with research showing that some of the lead employers receiving an average of 39.2 applications for each job available. Specialists in graduate recruitment, Attic Recruitment take you through a few ways you can land the perfect graduate position when you finish your education.


Draw Connections From Projects

During your time in university you will undoubtedly work across a number of modules and projects. Drawing connections between the work that you undertake in these and your career path can be the perfect way to show the experience that you have gained through experience. You have to remember your experience doesn’t just come through actual employment, the work that you do throughout your time at university will give you a lot of the experience and skills that you require to be successful in your career.

Experience and skills will include teamwork, taking the initiative to work alone and showing creativity within projects will all show to employers that you have the potential to grow as an integral part of their team.

Part Time Work

The number of hours that are necessary to complete university work often mean students will struggle to find part time work. But working in retail or even behind a bar for a few hours a week can increase your experience and show future employers that you are willing to do hard work. Volunteering is another great way to build experience and there are many great opportunities around campuses that provide students with volunteering experience.  Often, it is the little things that you can show you have done prior to starting your career that will build up a picture of how you are in a working environment.

Intern, Intern, Intern

In many degrees it is commonplace for them to offer time out of university in your later years to help gain experience in the field that you are looking to go in to. As graduate roles are very competitive, showing that you have completed a few weeks or months within a company doing a similar role to the one that you will be eventually applying for in the real world will show your enthusiasm for the career path and role that you have chosen to go down.

If you are struggling to find relevant roles, simply email a few people from businesses that you have noticed on your search. In a lot of cases they will be happy to help provide you with the experience and insight that you require!