You’re broke, Christmas is coming and you need some money for arguably the most expensive month of the year.

As a student it is easy to feel helpless when your earning potential is usually restricted to no work, part-time work or jobs that leave you with very little left over after you’ve met your expenses. Thankfully there is loads of ways to make or save money.


I glance through this website at least once in the morning and once in the evening. If you follow it regularly you can grab some absolute bargains saving hundreds off the retail price. If there is a good deal going or price glitches that can save you a small fortune, you can bet this community of savvy shoppers will be the first to know about it.

Everything is measured using a temperature rating and the higher the temperature, the better the deal is deemed to be. The top 10 deals are listed at the top of the website so you can see exactly what is hot and deemed a bargain for that given day.

I’ve bought games consoles for 30% off normal prices thanks to this website and even got free games.


As of right now I’ve saved over £489 using this website (with another £189 yet to be confirmed raising this to over £679). A lot of people don’t know about cashback websites or think they are a scam because they don’t know how they work. Other times people use them incorrectly and never get the cashback and because of this they give up trying.

The two major cashback websites are Quidco and Topcashback however personally I think Topcashback is better as there is no annual fee and the cashback rates are much higher too.

The site uses your internet cookies to track your transactions with major retailers who they have set up partnerships with. Provided you login to your cashback account and then click on their links to the major retailer websites, you will be attributed with whatever percentage they state. It usually takes a few weeks for the transaction to be fully validated but I’ve never had any issue provided you read their instructions on what qualifies. Another mistake a lot of people make is they forget to clear their internet cookies before using this website so the transaction isn’t correctly recorded or is attributed elsewhere (like hotukdeals, preventing you claiming). So before you make any purchase online, check the cashback rate here and then clear your cookies, login to your account via topcashback and follow their link to the retailer to make your purchase. Purchases usually show up within 24 hours within your TCB account and sometimes these savings can stack on top of discount codes too. Payment to you is normally by bank transfer or even Amazon vouchers.

3) Uber driver/Deliveroo rider

If you drive you can turn that into an income almost instantly thanks to Uber. Provided your insurance covers you (make sure to check this) and you meet some of their criteria, you can register with Uber to become a driver. As a student at university or if you live nearby you are in the prime location as many students rely on Uber for transport into and around the city. This is also a great way to meet other students and make friends if you’re the type that suffers from a little social anxiety. Working one or two evening shifts depending on your location can earn you enough for your rent! You have the flexibility to work at times that suit you or as much or little as you want.

If you don’t drive but have a bike you can opt to work for deliveroo and get some exercise at the same time. Deliveroo have become popular recently and their drivers deliver takeaway meals across all the major cities. Again you can work as often or little as you want and deliveries tend to be limited to your local area too. Just make sure to have a smartphone that can use their app.

4) YouTube Reviews/Guides

If you are one of those students that loves their gadgets and is usually the first to buy them or even if you have a product or useful bit of information, you can start to monetize this to make some passive income. Reviews and guides are incredibly sought after and Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind google. Being among the first to do something is usually the key to getting your views up and earn more so if you’ve just bought a new phone, laptop or gadget – why not make a review of it so others can see? Sometimes even if it’s a really niche product, you will find there is almost always someone out there that wants to see it demonstrated in a video format and this is where you come in. You need to set up a Google adsense account for this (its free) and through this, you are paid into your bank account depending on how popular your videos are. There are tiers to your payment brackets so once your following grows, you can earn significantly more as your viewership numbers are regularly higher.

5) Ebay/Etsy/Shpock

The three biggest marketplaces are Ebay, Etsy and Shpock to sell stuff. Ebay and Shpock let you sell almost anything however Etsy is more for those into their crafts. If you happen to be good at making things (think knitting, jewellry, unique items) then Etsy is the place as that’s where the craft lovers hang out. Ebay has become a little more expensive to sell these days (with their final valuation fees and paypal fee’s) but it is where most the customers hang out so it can’t be overlooked. Have old textbooks? Clothes or games? Anything you don’t want can find a home usually through Ebay. If you live near the city, Shpock tends to be better as people can exchange goods in person and you have a higher chance of finding a buyer. Listing is free on Shpock too.