Budgeting for Christmas

The average household spends approximately £500 on Christmas including presents, food, and decorations. But there are ways you can save money on Christmas this year and still make it one to remember!

Make a list of everything you need and everyone you need to buy presents for! Work out exactly what food you will buy and how much that should cost, and what presents your loved ones will be receiving this year! It’s a much more efficient way of Christmas shopping because you will be less tempted to put things in your trolley or basket you know you don’t really need.

Perhaps a little late in the year to be thinking of this now but even if you put £50 away each week for five weeks leading up to Christmas, that’s £250 for you to spend on making it a great one! Next year, try putting £50 away each month and you’ll have a comfortable £600 by the time the festive season comes round!

DIY Gifts
Get creative and try making your own gifts! The effort will highly appreciated by your loved ones and will hold more sentimental than that scented candle you were gonna buy for your mum.

Online Shopping
Online shopping will beat those high street shopping prices! Plus you are less likely to overspend because your online basket will keep reminding you what is already in your basket…