Written by Amanda Wilks

Top Five High-Paying Jobs for College Students

When you are in college, finding high-paying jobs is quite challenging. The lack of funds is one of the greatest concerns students have, along with the inability to find occupations that would help them. For the most part, though, the issue is a lack of awareness, of not knowing what their options really are. Numerous opportunities are waiting.

However, some jobs pay better than others do. For one, a high-paying job will mean more commitment. That means you have to be highly organized in your studies. If not, you may have to give up on your education or your job.

Factors to consider

One factor to consider when seeking high-paying jobs is what you expect to earn once you are done with college. According to the latest data, students from Kentucky colleges will make about 25$ an hour when they enter the job market after school. Another factor to check is what the minimum wage for the state and the Federal government is. For now, that the minimum wage is set at just above $7. Thus, if you find a job that pays a figure in between these two figures, that can be considered high paying. Anything at or just above the minimum is considered to be on the lower end.

When looking for a job, you also have to consider the time when you want to work. If you are in college, a job that requires you to be present from Monday to Friday is not practical. A flexible job that lets you choose the hours is more appropriate. You should discuss that with an employer and find out if he or she can accommodate your class schedule. Preferably, you should look for a job that lets you work on the weekends.

Bartender/Waiter Job at a High-End Joint

The benefit of these places is not so much the salary. At these jobs, you can earn about $7 or $8 per hour. However, the advantage of working at a high-end bar or restaurant is the tips. These jobs offer students the highest returns for the work they do. Students have been known to make $500 in tips from just one night of work. To earn them, do not work at a bar or restaurant within the college. Students rarely tip. If they do, they give change.

To get this job, you should present yourself at the bar or restaurant with a professional resume in hand. Talking to the staff on how to succeed in the interview is recommended.


There are some of the students who come to universities are from countries where English is not spoken. Thus, these students have a hard time submitting good quality work at school. For introverted young people who want to make good cash, proofreading is another excellentoption for a job.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert. If there are not enough international students at your school, you can always look for work online. However, it will require some effort to find a site that pays well. Most of them pay only a few cents per word.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is one of the highest paying jobs for college students. A dog walker can earn as much as $20 per hour to walk dogs. Best of all, you can walk as many as five dogs on one walk. Thus, it is a great way to make a lot of money in just a short time. An extra benefit of this job is that you can stay fit as well, as your extra physical activity will offer you some cardio and fresh air. So, it’s two birds with one stone.

School Bus Driver

If you are a college student with little experience in any field, you should try it. This job requires you to have some experience driving a bus, which should not be too much. Additionally, students who study in urban areas will earn higher wages than in the countryside. On average, you can make about $13 driving kids to school.

Massage Therapist

If you want to earn about $20 an hour, you should consider becoming a massage therapist. If you chose to wait a little while before attending college, you should use your gap year to get some training. The job requires some practice and licensing. If you are already in college, invest some time in it. It will pay off in a huge way.

College is tough, and it requires a lot of money, which can be a burden on your parents. If you want to live comfortably, consider getting a job that ensures you can complete school in a timely manner without interfering with your classes. These high-paying jobs should be at the top of your list.