Awkward Date Stories
We’ve all been there! Half way through a date and you’ve decided you’d rather throw yourself infront of a bus than see this person again. But some of these dates take it to a whole new level…

1. “On our first date, he did a bump of coke in front of me. At least do it in the bathroom like a freaking gentleman.”

2. “We drove to a live dance performance about 30 minutes away. Once the show was over I realized my keys were missing. We retraced our steps to the car and found them in the ignition with all the doors locked. I called my brother who was also my roommate to bring me my spare key. He said he had just put some laundry in and had to wait for it so we were stuck there for an extra hour and a half.”

3. “Before the first date with this woman, I texted my friend, ‘Dude, it’s going to rain on Friday and I only have $30. Got any suggestions for me?’ It didn’t go to my friend. It went to my date.”

4. “I once shook my date’s hand when we were saying goodbye. That was profoundly awkward.”

5. “My brother answered the door dressed as Rambo with a toy gun. There are pictures. First and last date with that particular guy.”

6. “I got catfished HARD on a tinder date once. The worst part is I was too awkward to acknowledge and tried to act normal for the whole date.”

7. “My date skyped his friends at the dinner table.”

8. “I got grilled about my feelings on capital punishment and God, and I guess I answered wrong because he told the waitress to split the check. When I told him I’d left my wallet at home to see what he’d do, he said, “Well, that’s gonna suck for you.” My waitress overheard and didn’t charge me, and I let him ride his bike home in the rain.”

9. “We went to dinner and he received and answered a FaceTime from his ex.”

10. “He couldn’t stop talking about his mom and showing pictures of his grandma. So I went to the bathroom and never came back. Then I ran into him 3 days later at school in the elevator. He said, “There must have been a long line in the bathroom, huh?”

11. “My roommate freshman year went on a date with a guy who called her “healthy thick” and asked if she wanted dessert and threw her a pack of smarties. He had also recently lost 40 lbs. and took her to a pizza joint where he refused to eat anything!