Dealing With a Breakup

Breakups can be incredibly difficult. They can leave us feeling lost, heartbroken, and physically ill. The process of going from “we back to me” can be straining, painful, and confusing. And although there is no magical solution to getting over a relationship, there are coping mechanisms to make the process more bearable…

It’s human nature to suppress negative emotions, but study shows that simply avoiding your feelings and hoping they will pass will ultimately prevent you from moving on at all. Let yourself feel what your mind wants you to feel!

Sometimes we are so full of negative, overwhelming emotions we completely forget to look after ourselves. A breakup diet is a common form of “revenge” on the ex, but really, all we are doing by that is punishing ourselves and damaging our health. The same goes for binge eating, it’s easy to turn to food as a coping mechanism, but foods high in fat will trigger a stress releasing hormone that is bound to make matters worse. Keeping well will make the process of grieving much easier.

Try and see the positives and remind yourself of the good in your life. You now have the ability to be you, and just you again. Start fresh and concentrate on yourself and your loving friends and family around you. Think about all the new possibilities the future holds!

Exercise (But not excessive!)
Regular exercise will get your endorphins pumping resulting in decreased stress levels and a mood boost! A very healthy distraction from your worries.

Do what you love!
With all the stress and upset a breakup can bring, it can be difficult to find interest in what you loved before the split. But forcing yourself to go out and enjoy those hobbies again is a safe, happy distraction! It will remind you of the positvity in your life.