Europe’s Toughest Bootcamp!

Xtreme Bootcamp is a high-intensity interval training workout program, in which you do each exercise at your maximum intensity for twenty seconds, take ten seconds to recover and set up for the next exercise, do the next one for twenty seconds, and so on. All the exercise routines are hosted by James Evans – James talks, supports, and motivates whilst also leading the exercises.

Xtreme Bootcamps currently has the reputation for being Europe’s toughest and the most effective fitness bootcamp. This DVD is ideal for anybody who is looking to lose weight, start a fitness regime or generally looking to keep fit.

 The DVD is based around cardio and fat burning exercises. At the beginning of the DVD there is a warmup session in which James talks you through various rotations and stretches preparing your muscles and body for the upcoming workout. After the warm up the workout really begins with a session on the legs, this session consists of 7 exercises, such as; burpees, squat jumps, mountain climber and jump lunges. These exercises are performed for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest then a further twenty seconds repeating the exercise.

After the section on the legs, James moves on to the upper body, alike the leg section this part of the workout is also comprised of 7 exercises, these include; push-ups, abs and core, floor scraper and Spiderman. Again, these exercises are performed for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest then a further twenty seconds repeating the exercise.

The second to last section of the workout is called ‘Finisher’. This part of the workout amalgamates the upper body exercises and the leg exercises to push your body to the limit. Exercises include; burpees with push-ups, squat jumps and push-ups and knee raises with star jumps. Unlike the other two sections these exercises require you to do as many reps as possible in 40 seconds with a 20 second rest.

To finish the workout off the last section is a cool down, this is in order to help return your breathing levels to normal and to help to remove any metabolites such as lactic acid, this is done by a series of stretches.


Just about all the exercises in all the workouts range from intense to incredibly intense, James also offers alternative methods to make the exercise easier, especially for when you’re starting out/ new to the DVD. The great thing about the Xtreme Bootcamp workout is that it scales up with you. For one, it’s extremely convenient. This means you don’t have to plan or analyse; you just put the disk it in and follow. Secondly, you don’t have to spend hours in a gym or find some time to go and visit a gym, you can complete this DVD from the comfort of your own home, at whatever time is convenient to yourself! As you progress and complete this DVD more frequently, I found I wanted to change up the routine somewhat, and that’s fine, you can just focus on doing the work on a specific region of your body if you wish. Another nice thing about Xtreme Bootcamp is its affordability, the DVD retails at £11.99 but is on special offer of £7 if you pre-order for its release date on the 28th November. Most importantly, Xtreme Bootcamp is effective. Many people don’t have the time or inclination to spend more than an hour a day working out, therefore people want to maximise the time they have when they do have time to work out, therefore this DVD is a great choice because of its high intensity workouts in the hour given and gives you great results.


When I first got Xtreme Bootcamp the first session absolutely kicked my butt! Even James said at the start “this is very tough and you will struggle to complete the first time through”, he was certainly correct there – the routines were working all kinds of muscles that I’d been neglecting over the years! Because you do so many different exercises, Xtreme Bootcamp really does give you a total body workout. If committed to the program, you will soon see fast and significant results ultimately improving your wellbeing. Your experience with Xtreme Bootcamp at first may be negative as this is a HARD workout, however, with resilience and determination you will get through the military style fitness and this may also inspire you to further improve your lifestyle.

A concern in which I had thought about when receiving this DVD was that I might get bored of it – after all, you’re just using the same DVD. But after a couple of weeks, I hadn’t, each day when I work out, I look forward to the results that the exercises bring, and I also look forward to the sheer variety of short exercises that keeps things reasonably fresh.

Europe’s toughest bootcamp (Xtreme Bootcamp) is the easiest workout I’ve ever used… That’s a lie, it wasn’t the easiest, it was far from that! The workouts were hard but in the long run the effort that you put in the better the results you will get out. Xtreme Bootcamps Cardio & Fat Burning DVD is convenient, affordable, and REALLY effective, and I’d recommend it to anybody.


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