Stress Relieving Activities

Everyone feels stressed sometimes. It’s just the way our body is trying to tell us to slow down and take things easy. And although sometimes we will take a trip to the doctors or go see a therapist, sometimes it’s the little things that really matter… Here are some activities that have been proven to help reduce stress levels and help you relax:

1. Yogo
2. Meditation
3. Breathe deep
4. Laughing
5. Drink some tea
6. Scented candles
7. Exercise
8. Listen to music
9. Get a massage
10. Sex 
11. Hugging
12. Chew gum
13. Do some art
14. Writing down your feelings
15. Go for a walk
16. Read a book
17. Watch a film
18. Hang out with friends
19. Take a nap
20. Kissing