Finding ‘the one’ is a wonderful thing. But no comfortable relationship comes without its downfalls, and in this case, the downfalls are basically a result of being too in love. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t the worst thing in the world! The worst thing would be missing out on the best promotions at Wizard Slots.

Comfort Weight
Get ready to gain 100lbs! You both discover you’re massive foodies and order Chinese deliveries even though your fridge is fully stocked with fresh fruit and veg you’ll probably spend the majority of your evenings pigging out on the sofa because that’s what happy couples do.

Hairy Legs
You’re comfortable enough to not shave your legs and know your partner isn’t going to judge you. And that’s fine until you walk outside in a dress and realise it’s been three weeks since you picked up a razor.

Sleeping Alone
Over time, there will be nights where one of you has to go away and you’ll have to sleep separately, and by sleep, I mean lay there wide awake whilst staring at the ceiling. You can no longer fall asleep alone… and you feel pathetic.

You start leaving social events early just so you can go home and eat more food and watch more films. And getting drunk suddenly seems more fun when you’re at home with your sweetie instead of lying on the floor of a club.

Forget Dignity…
You’re so comfortable, you do things – gross things, that you never even dreamed of doing in front of someone else. And you find comfort in knowing your partner still loves you after watching you sit on the toilet while they are having a bath.

A Warped Sense of Humour
You spend so much time together you essentially become the same person; you have a very specific sense of humour you can’t seem to find with anyone else, and basically, together, you’re two halves of a whole idiot.