Why You Should Quit Coffee

Probably not the article you want to see in the middle of the week, but I think we all know excessive amounts of coffee isn’t great for you. Of course, the odd cup of coffee isn’t going to do you much harm. In fact, organic coffee is thought to prevent Parkinson’s Disease and kidney stones!

Unfortunately, long term, coffee has been associated with a number of health problems too…

Hydrochloric Acid
Many of us wake up to a fresh cup of coffee which is totally understandable. However, if you’re consuming this cup of coffee before your breakfast or on an empty stomach, it could be the cause of anything stomach problems you have such as IBS and bloating. This is because coffee stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach which should only be produced when eating meals… You can probably imagine what sort of damage this can do to your digestive system!

It’s known that some people out there use their coffee as a laxative due to it’s ability to stimulate peristalsis. This causes the contents of the stomach to be passed onto the small intestine before it’s been broken down meaning you won’t be absorbing the nutrients and will most likely cause irritation to and inflammation to the gastrointestinal tract. Ouch.

This is a potentially cancer-causing substance that develops in coffee beans when they are roasted at high temperatures. The darker the roast, the higher the levels of acrylamide. It is thought to be once of the most dangerous chemicals in diets.

Did you know that coffee actually releases stress hormones? Many people drink coffee to feel energised and awake, but really, regular coffee drinkers are increasing their heart rate and blood pressure which makes you feel “on edge” and tense. Long term, this will affect your digestion in the same way the overproduction of hydrochloric acid does…

So maybe it’s time to replace your coffee with something a little more kind to your body? Ever tried green tea?
Quit coffee before it quits you!