If you want to get an intimate view of an exotic destination or explore the hidden treasures on your doorstep here in the UK, there’s no better way to do so than an epic road trip. Gathering your closest friends and setting off onto the open road together is not only a great way to see parts of the world you’d otherwise have no chance of exploring, but also a sure-fire way to creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So, if you want unleash your inner Kerouac, read on for our top tips for planning an epic road trip to make sure it’s a holiday to remember.

Road Trip | Choose Your Route Wisely

If you truly want your road trip to be epic, the first place you need to start is by a planning the perfect route. Whether you’re expecting to hit the road for days, weeks, or months, it’s important you know where you’re heading before you set off Route4Me route planner can help make sure your journey is as smooth as possible, no matter the destination.

Whether you want to keep things local and explore some of the attractions in the UK or go a bit further to Europe or the home of the road trip, the USA, you can find all of the attractions, natural wonders, and accommodation along the way using Road Trippers. Simply input your start point and destination, and this website will plot a route that features all of the attractions and hotels it will be possible to stop off at along the way. This can be a great starting point for your plans, and it’s also a great idea to search sites like TripAdvisor and Rough Guides for more ideas. You may also check on Limo Find to provide you great and comfortable road trip experience!

Pack Light…

Once you’ve chosen your route, it’s important to start thinking about the practicalities of your trip. A great place to start is thinking about what to pack.

The less weight there is in your car, the more economically it will run. While the weight of your passengers is set, you should all pack as light as possible to avoid weighing the car down, as this added weight will make a huge difference to your fuel economy over the entire journey.

As every ounce you lose will save you money at the fuel pumps, you and your fellow passengers should take a look at Lonely Planet’s guide to packing light to find out how you can fit everything you need for your big adventure into a 40 litre backpack.

…But Don’t Forget the Essentials

While it’s important to travel as light as you can, you should stop short of getting rid of your spare tyre in your haste to jettison as much weight as possible.

In fact, you’d be well advised to add some breakdown essentials to your car, as nothing will ruin your trip quite like breaking down and having to wait for roadside assistance. The AA reports that flat batteries cause 30% of roadside breakdowns, so you should make sure to invest in a jump starter so you can get yourself up and running again if you suffer this common fault. A Ring compact vehicle jump starter, which you can pick up with free delivery from DriveDen, is small enough to fit in your glove box but can jump start a vehicles with engines up to 2 litres. It also features a USB port, so doubles up as an emergency phone charger whenever needed, making it a great addition to your vehicle before you set off on your big trip.

Learn to Drive in the Most Eco-Friendly Way

By definition, you’ll be spending a lot of time driving during your road trip. While it’s not as exciting as planning your route or enjoying the sites of your destinations along the way, it’s a great idea to learn the eco-driving basics by taking a look at The Energy Saving Trust’s guide to eco-driving. Putting these tips into action will make each tank of fuel go further, which will leave you with more money to spend on things to enjoy.

Keep these top tips in mind, and you’re sure to see some amazing sights and make lasting memories with your closest friends on your road trip — all without breaking the bank.