Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Many of us don’t travel simply because we think we can’t afford it! But think again! Travelling can actually be very inexpensive if you are willing to let go of some of a few luxuries! With these few budgeting tips, you can see the world without blowing your life savings!

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Picking your destination is more important than you think! £100 will last you a day in New York but can last you for a week in Southeast Asia and South America. Although your flights may be more expensive to these places, the accommodation, food, and travel prices will be significantly cheaper than Europe and North America. Consider all the costs of these important parts of travel before choosing your destination!

Accommodation can be pricey! You can get it for free by volunteering; you simply work for your meals and accommodation and it’s a great way to get close to locals. Places such as Sri Lanka and Thailand have amazing volunteer opportunities in elephant and sea turtle sanctuaries.

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In places such as Vietnam, you can hire a motorcycle for around £3 a day! It’s the cheapest form of travel in Southeast Asia and is certainly an experience to never forget! Do some research on your chosen investigation and figure out which mode of transport is going to be cheap but efficient.

Check out local hostels, rent a room, house shares, home stays, the list is endless! And they are all a hell of a lot more cheaper than staying in a fancy hotel which definitely doesn’t have the same cultural value. Sleep cheap and then you have more cash in your pocket to explore.

Food and Drink
Places such as Bali have local food vendors on the streets. The food is fresh, delicious, and a meal will cost you around £2! It’s important to be aware of the pricing of food and drink in your chosen destination so you can plan ahead and find out what will save you the most money as well as keep you well fed.