The Struggles of Being a Girl

Being a girl isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. And I’m not talking about getting periods or having to be the one to carry a child, but the tiny, mild inconveniences that turn into everyday struggles and stresses…

You will lose them, there’s no doubt about that. And your bobby pins will get up and walk away. Regardless of how many you buy, you won’t have them for more than a week! Any hairbands that you do manage to keep will snap when you tie your hair up.

That dreaded moment you feel a sneeze coming just seconds after finishing your slay eyeliner… Or when you forget it’s even there and decide to rub your eyes in public… Or being so terrible at eyeliner you just keep adding more and more to your lids until you resemble a panda… I could go on forever.

Nail Painting
When you paint your nails and have to spend two hours doing other things around the house using your elbows. And don’t even get me started on trying to go to the bathroom with wet nails.

When you sign up to every known brand of makeup’s mailing list and your inbox is bombarded with discounts and sales especially for you but you have, like, £4.27 in your bank account.

Long Hair
Don’t bother going out on a windy day without a hat or your hair up unless you love the taste of your own hair. And make sure you tie it up before eating anything too. And prepared to get moaned at for clogging up the drains after a shower.

It should be considered an exercise routine; bending, twisting, squatting to get to all those places that require the contact of a razor. And if you suffer with rapid hair growth and have dark hair, you’ll be doing this every other day. If you don’t shave, you just end up disliking yourself for being lazy.