The Struggles of Being Awkward

We’ve all been there – been forced to make small talk with a stranger, or embarrassed ourselves because of our godawful conversing skills. Although awkward moments are experienced by everyone at some point, some are less fortunate than others and simply have an awkward personality which gets us into some pretty uncomfortable situations…

You bring up really strange topics of conversation when you are under pressure. You’ll talk about ANYTHING to avoid awkward silences… “So, what are your thoughts on bread?

You probably talk way too fast sometimes out of nerves and it usually results in you making up words that don’t exist or accidentally combining two words together… “That’s so grool!”

You panic when an acquaintance asks you an unexpected question and say the first response that comes to your mind which usually doesn’t make any sense…“When’s your birthday?”
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Handshakes or any kind of hand interaction terrifies you because you will always get it wrong. Someone has probably gone to fist bump you but you panicked and just randomly grabbed their clenched first instead… Yikes.

When a retail worker or waiter messes up your order/payment, do you say anything? Nope, because you’re too awkward for that. You pretend you didn’t notice and then hate yourself for the rest of the day.

You probably say things out loud that sound really weird and you will spend the next twenty years torturing yourself over it.

Your phone is your saviour; it serves as a distraction to avoid awkward moments of conversations i.e. waiting at a bus stop with strangers. If you walked the wrong direction, instead of turning around like a normal person, you’ll stand there and get your phone out, and pretend you’ve seen something on your phone that means you need to change your direction. WHY?

When talking to someone, you don’t actually hear what they are saying because you are too busy concentrating on making the right amount of eye contact.

You’ve probably answered, “You too!” when the waiter told you to enjoy your meal….