Up and Coming: Q&A with Brian Deady

We had a little chat with up-and-coming Irish musician, Brian Deady, to talk all things music including his debut album, Non-Fiction.

1.)    Hi Brian! How are things?

Things are great – how are you?

2.)    Great thanks! When did you first start taking an interest in music?

Probably when I was about 6 I was sick and went to hospital – my aunt brought me a small toy radio ..I had meningitis and was quarantined ..so I must have spent the best part of a week or so in a room on my own listening to the radio – that was probably the start of my relationship with music.

 3.)    Can you remember the first tune(s) you ever learnt to play?

Probably Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

4.)    Any famous musicians you admire? Why?

Love Marvin Gaye for his voice, The Beatles for their songs , Randy Newman for his lyrics , Prince for his funk .

5.)    Tell us about your debut album being released in early 2017?

Non fiction – the album is coming out in the UK through Decca Records which I’m really excited.

6.)    What do like most about playing live?

I love the energy which can be created between you and the audience – a kind of unspoken bond ..it can be really magic.

7.)    What are your fondest memories of your musical journey so far?

Played in the 3 arena recently – such a huge crowd-  incredible energy in the room .

8.)    What are your plans for the future?

Keep making the best music I can ..and enjoy every moment of it .


You can check out Brian’s ‘Clap Both My Hands’ right here…