For those rare days you have to yourself, we’ve come up with the perfect self pamper plan to help you feel refreshed and ready for Christmas and New year!

Hair Removal
Before you hop in the shower or bath – you should wax! Waxing after a bath or showers opens pores meaning your skin is more sensitive and more likely to become irritated or bruised by waxing! So get yourself feeling smooth and shiny beforehand. If you’re not a fan of waxing, get yourself a hair removal mitt to painlessly remove hair and dead skin cells!

Face Mask
Get yourself some face masks from your local drug store for just 99p! Whether they are peel off or rinse off – they will reduce blemishes and clean out pores leaving you with soft, radiant looking skin.

Bath Time
Run yourself a hot, but not too hot, bath and treat yourself to a stress relieving bath bombThis bath bomb will soothe your skin and rest your aching muscles whilst making you feel like you hanging by the Hawaiian sea… Why not go that extra mile and switch off the lights and light some candles? You deserve it, of course! 

For super soft, shiny hair, wash it and then use a hair mask that contains argon oil! Leave it on your hair while you enjoy your bath. Be sure to let your hair naturally dry to keep it feeling soft!

Once your out of the bath – it is now the perfect time to moisturise your skin! You can’t go wrong with coconut oil on freshly shaved or waxed skin for ultimate smoothness…