Not everyone is in to mastering the smokey eye shadow look or the perfect brows…We’re all different and while 20 different shades of lipstick might be important to some, learning ways to walk out of the door with the least amount of effort is more appealing to others. We can all admit that being make up free, with hair thrown up in a messy bun is one the best feelings for a girl, don’t you think? Here are some of the top beauty tips for girls who prefer not to bother everyday with their hair and makeup…

Take good care of your skin

Us ladies always try to take good care of our skin. If you don’t have time to put make up on in the mornings, find a good foundation or BB cream to work with(BB cream preferably)!¬†Finding a skincare system you absolutely love will keep your skin exfoliated, happy and bright! Try face masks or natural skin treatments.

Curl your lashes

We all know mascara can be such an effort to put on everyday. Why not buy yourself a lash curler? May seem silly but will make a huge impact and benefit you…This will make you look a lot more wide awake in the mornings and give your lashes the natural look/feel they need!

Beach waves over night

In the morning you will have no hassle whatsoever with your hair…Tie your hair in tight french plaits over night(preferably wet) to get the beach wave look…No heat is required either, no damage is done!

Top 3 things you’ll need to do to enhance that natural beauty of yours!