Every season has its must have wardrobe essentials! And in winter…it’s about being warm but looking stylish! Here are some must haves for the winter season!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are perfect for winter! They go with everything..knee high boots and a knitted jumper! How could you go wrong? Black, blue, khaki, ripped…they are all ideal for the season!

Chunky Knit Jumper

We all love a chunky knit jumper don’t we?! They’re so cosy and warm, and pretty much go with everything! There’s so many styles and colours they come in which is just fab! Oversized knitted jumper with a pair of jeans…perfectoooo!

Knitted Jumper Dress

You could not possibly go wrong with one of these! Worn with a pair of tights and a pair of boots, looks great! This style looks good with most shoes, bonus! To top it off, wear your favourite winter coat for added warmth!

Blanket Wrap Scarf

A chic and effortless addition to any winter outfit…I’d say the blanket wrap scarf is a must have this winter! There are so many ways to style this cold weather accessory, either thrown carelessly over your shoulder or wrapped around you multiple times, still looks great either way.


A pair of warm boots is essential for winter! They just top off your winter outfit. Ankle boots, knee high boots, timberland’s, Chelsea boots..you can’t go wrong really?! They will all look with a pair of jeans or any winter outfit. There is nothing worse than having freezing toes during the cold season!

Turtleneck Top 

Investing in a turtle neck top will ensure your neck is warm and snug all winter long! This style looks fabulous with anything, whether it be with a sweater and sleeveless dress, or simply worn on its own with jeans. They range in many different colours…you can’t go wrong with a few of these in your wardrobe!

Winter Coat

Obviously a winter coat is mega essential for the season! New winter coats come into fashion every year…I’m one of those people who have to buy a new one every year, are you?! The best bet is to go for something that looks good with everything…then it’s impossible to go wrong with your outfit!