Who would have thought drinking Prosecco is beneficial? So all you ladies thinking drinking isn’t good for you…treat yourself to a bottle! In the name of some serious research, we’ve dug out that it turns out those boozy bubbles do have some unexpected health benefits. Weird to think right?!

It’ll improve your skin

Prosecco detoxifies the skin which allows you to maintain an even skin tone…It can help to combat the signs of ageing to…Sounds pretty damn crazy right? Drinking the fizz regularly will do wonders for your skin, helping you to reduce wrinkles and enjoy radiant skin that ensures you will dazzle wherever you go. This also makes it ideal for those who suffer with oily skin…Give it a go!

It’s great for the heart

The beneficial effects from drinking Prosecco to the human heart have been proven….Antioxidants that are contained within the drink can do an enormous amount to promote healthier hearts that are more capable of fighting off ailments which can effect you in later life. Prosecco is also capable of improving your blood flow and strengthening your blood vessels. A glass a day will keep the doctor away…

It’s low in calories 

The majority of red and white wines do contain more calories than Prosecco…This makes it more enjoyable to drink for those who want to maintain their figure. Even better, you will have no guilt for having a glass or two too many…This makes it the perfect alcoholic drink for those wanting to diet and maintaining their weight!

It’ll improve your memory

I bet you’re all thinking how ever does drinking Prosecco improve your memory…sounds bonkers really! In recent years, a number of scientific studies have showed that drinking Prosecco on a regular basis allows you to improve your memory. With some people claiming there is a 70% increase!! WHAT!

Enjoy a glass of Prosecco or two…you know you want to!