5 Tips for Safe Sex

No one particularly enjoys talking about “safe sex” and no one wants to be preached to about it. But it’s something we should all be clued up on. No sex is 100% safe regardless of the precautions you take – but there are ways you can be as safe as you can if you follow some simple guidelines.

Limit Your Partners
Experimenting, one night stands, curiosity – they are all part of growing up and becoming sexually active. It’s completely normal to have more than one sexual partner in your lifetime, but the more you have, the more you are putting yourself at risk or contracting sexually transmitted infections/diseases.

Get Checked
Some STI symptoms are obvious, some not so much. Chlamydia is just one of the many sexually transmitted infections that usually goes unnoticed and leaving it untreated can lead to serious fertility problems. So even if you “think” you are fine – sometimes it pays to just go and get checked out!

Be Careful with Booze
And any other substance abuse for that matter! When your senses all dull due to alcohol or being high, your mind isn’t going to be thinking about being “safe”. You are more likely to take unnecessary risks while under the influence of alcohol and one night of bad choices could affect you for life.

Create a Relationship
I don’t mean get married and have kids. Just get to know someone before you jump into bed with them – even it will only be a one time thing. Not only  will it make sex more comfortable, it will make communication easier therefore discussing safe sex beforehand shouldn’t be an issue.

Learn to Say No
You might want it, but it doesn’t mean you should get it! Especially if you know both of you are unprepared. It won’t kill you to say no. You won’t regret it like you would a terrible one night stand.