How to be More Positive

Walking through life with a positive attitude makes it a breeze! As Joyce Meyer once said, “You can’t have a positive life and a negative mind.” But maintaining a positive mind isn’t always as easy as it sounds – sometimes life knocks us down and it can be difficult to pick ourselves back up. But with these few tips, a positive attitude won’t be hard to find. Here’s how to be more positive

Life in Steps

It’s inevitable that not everything in your life will plan out the way you want it to. You will take a couple of setbacks here and there – but try seeing them as learning curves in which you take one step back, and then two steps forward! Failure is just a delay and is not fatal! View failure as a teacher and not a dead end to your plans. Be a bouncy ball – the harder you fall, the higher you bounce!

Remember to Smile

You’ll be surprised how far a smile can go and what effect it has on your body and mind. Even if you don’t have anything in particular to smile about – it’s all about convincing yourself that there always is a reason to smile and it’s incredible how it can change the way you feel internally. The same goes for your posture; carrying yourself positively i.e. chin up, back straight, will encourage your mind to feel more positive too.

Be With The Right People

Surround yourself with positive people! It’s difficult to maintain a resilience if you are constantly pulled down by the negativity from being around the wrong people. Steer negative conversations towards more optimistic subjects and if you find yourself surrounded by negative people more often than not, maybe it’s time reevaluate your circle of friends or work placement.

Be Grateful

It’s not that you should ignore your issues entirely – but it’s important that you don’t focus on them whilst forgetting about the good things in your life. It’s easy to take things for granted and it’s easy to let the little things get you down. Try listing all the things you are grateful for and appreciating all the good people in your life. Practice gratitude and you will see an immediate shift in your perspective.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

– Willie Nelson