Is Your Relationship Healthy?

No relationship is perfect – but it should make you happy and feel satisfied! Strength in a relationship is a result of the little things that you might not think are really that important… Wrong! A healthy relationship needs the following the remain strong, happy, and full of love!

Your Own Space
You might be in love, but you shouldn’t have to spend every waking minute with eachother. Take time out to do your own thing and maintain your own friendships and interests! It will keep your relationship feeling fresh when you come home to eachother after some time apart.

You Say What’s On Your Mind
If you are both able to express your feelings and be honest with one another – then your relationship will benefit massively. There’s no real relationship that can be based on lies or hidden emotions.

Arguments and disagreements are completely normal in a healthy relationship – if you aren’t arguing, you’re most likely holding things back. This links back to being able to freely express yourselves.

In a healthy relationship you shouldn’t be hanging on to the past. Your partner is going to annoy you sometimes, but holding their mistakes against them won’t make you or them feel any better. Let things go when they have been resolved.

Sex isn’t everything, although it’s only a small part of your relationship. The intimacy I’m referring to involves friendship! Small things like holding hands and being able to be yourself around your partner is the best kind of intimacy.

You and your partner make a great team – you make decisions together about big things and small things. From what movie you want to watch to whether you want to take your relationship to the next step!