Paranoia is something that just grows upon some of us…it just gets worse and worse and sometimes, it gets so hard to get your mind thinking positively again…Your head tells you that people are out to get you so it’s so difficult to trust people, you constantly feel as if you are under threat even though there is no (or very little) evidence that you are, you might do things as a result of your paranoid thoughts like worrying and being on edge constantly…you can’t live your life feeling like this?

Paranoid thoughts are to do with what you think about other people and what they might do…It’s so difficult to actually work out if a suspicious thought is paranoia playing with your mind and if you question it, people can disagree. In some cases, certain actions people do can make you on edge and overthink. Some people can’t understand why there are things you are paranoid about. However someone else (a friend, family member or a doctor) might say your thoughts aren’t realistic when you really do think they are…So your mind is all over the place and you have no clue what to think about certain things.

Your paranoid thoughts can be a symptom of metal health problems but are not a diagnosis. Paranoid thoughts can be anything from very small to quite severe experiences…And this depends on how much you believe your paranoid thoughts, the paranoid thoughts upset you and how they interfere with your everyday life. Many people do experience these kind of thoughts at some point during their lives but their thoughts can change over time…But with some people, those thoughts get stuck and it’s so so hard to control them.

You CAN help yourself… Keep a diary, learn to relax, look for support around you from family and friends or a doctor and look after yourself. These things will help you identify what is triggering those thoughts and when you are most likely to have them…Once you know why these thoughts keep coming into your mind, you can try and take steps to avoid them. Talking treatments can help you understand your experiences a lot more and can help you come up with strategies to deal with them.

Breathe, relax and try to fight off all those thoughts…

Written By Alysha Allen