Long distance relationships are very difficult…especially if you’re used to being together often, and then suddenly have to be apart for long periods of time. But with both of you having the right attitude to stop it from falling apart…it will work! Here are some top tips to help you maintain your long distance relationship…


You must be able to trust your other half for a long distance relationship! So so important! People find it difficult though because you don’t know what goes on back at home or at uni! In some cases you won’t find out but if they really loved you…they would stay completely committed even if you are apart for a long time!


This is also very important in a long distance relationship. Text, face time, call…it won’t hurt to reassure your partner that you care. Always keep the discussion healthy…showing the long-distance is working! Tell your partner you love them every time you communicate…this will give them the reassurance they need!


Having different feelings? Going out? Tell them! There is no good at all in lying to your partner or to keep everything inside…where is the benefit in that? Relationships work both ways…you should be able to be honest with each other…there is nothing worse than being lied to then finding out the actual truth about something!

Equal Effort

What can be worse than feeling unappreciated in a relationship? Putting all the effort in when the other person doesn’t can make you feel unwanted, that there is something they’re hiding from you, it can make you feel paranoid…there really is NO benefit in this when you’re so far away from each other! Equal effort is so important…it shows that the long-distance relationship is working. Make time for each other…if you travelled home to see them one weekend, suggest they come and see you another weekend? It works both ways.

Positive Thinking

Always think positively no matter the situation between the both of you…things will work out in the end if they’re meant to be! Being away from the person you love isn’t a walk in the park…it’s so hard because you’ll miss their comfort and their loving! Think about all the good times you’ve had together if the both of you are having a bad time…the paranoid overthinking is all in the mind!

Don’t panic…it will work if it’s meant to be…

Words by Alysha Allen